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Author: Sarah Scullion

CRM System

Does your CRM system work for your business?

Does your organisation invest in customer relationship management (CRM) software? How does your CRM system match up to your business? We take a look at what is currently on offer and share our experience. When I first started using a CRM system it seemed to create more work rather than save time. Thankfully, after about…
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virtual assistant - Just how effective is proposal management software?

Just how effective is proposal software?

Uptake of Proposal Management Software appears to be on the increase but how effective is it? How much time can it actually save your business? We take a look at the key players in the market and share some of our experience.

virtual assistant - Tips on creating powerful PowerPoint Presentations

Tips on PowerPoint Pitch Decks

Today, I am working on a pitch deck for my software company so I thought I would add some tips on creating powerful PowerPoint presentations for business at the same time. Microsoft PowerPoint is an undeniably useful tool for basic marketing and presentations. It requires a mixture of skills including: slide design and layout text…
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