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Complete Digital Marketing Services

We provide a complete range of digital marketing services, from digital marketing strategy, content marketing & lead generation to search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), engagement and conversion.

Digital Strategy

We start by defining the value proposition and how best to communicate it to your target market. We conduct market research for the purpose of identifying untapped audiences or refining the target consumer. An overall goal for the digital marketing strategy can be set, with any subsequent strategies to be responsible for delivering on it.

It is essential to conduct competitive, customer and content research to define the value proposition and figure out how best to communicate it through your owned, paid and earned media strategies.

The focus here is on content, community, and context. The foundations are your content channels including your website, blog and emails alongside any visual or content rich media. This excludes any channels mediated by a third party.

Put simply, paid media is advertising and sponsorships. We consider any applicable methods of paying to deliver content to an audience including paid search, paid social media, sponsored content, and display advertising.

Earned media is public relations and word-of-mouth. We consider any options to earn coverage and exposure from customers, reporters and influencers. Social media platforms are a combination of paid and earned.

Content Marketing

We focus on lead generation through inbound marketing and content strategy. Inbound marketing is a technique to attract customers to your products and services via original content. Typically delivered in the form of blog articles, videos, lead magnets, and social media posts; this content builds trust with potential customers by providing them with something they value.

We start by breaking the strategy down and considering where you would like to engage your audience, how to get their attention, how to get them to your website, where they will land and what you would like the outcome to be when they get there.

Providing consistently valuable content for your target audience is a time-intensive process involving a significant amount of research, writing, editing, publishing, and distributing. We can produce monthly articles on topics relevant to your target market.

Effective lead magnets are essential to attracting qualified leads into your marketing funnel. High quality content is key to engaging and ultimately converting your audience. We can assist with visual, video and audio content as well as infographics, e-books and white-papers.

It is always important to optimise content for search. That means quality written and visual content with a focus on keywords and cornerstone content. We specialise in WordPress and can assist you with building SEO friendly content and navigation.

Content Distribution

Great content doesn’t hold much value if no one reads it. That’s why it is essential to develop a strong content distribution strategy. We will address the three main components to enable a plan for your brand to engage with consumers around the content you share via your owned, earned and paid media channels.

As with most businesses, you are likely to have a list of emails. We can help you to ensure that list receives the right content when it’s most appropriate. Email is still an effective digital marketing technique and a gateway to further communication.

Both organic and paid social media techniques can be effective in delivering content to your target audience. We specialise in a variety of methods to deliver content across a mix of social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

We would start by conducting an SEO audit which allows us to perform in-depth research on your existing site as it stands and provide specific recommendations to improve your current rankings and optimise all new content for search.

In order to extend your reach further than your existing network, we can assist with paid advertising techniques to distribute your content via paid search, social media, sponsored content, and display advertising.

Social Media

Both organic and paid social media techniques can be effective in delivering content to your target audience. We specialise in a variety of methods to deliver content across a mix of social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We focus on delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. 

Social media strategy is the golden thread that weaves together, supports and amplifies the brand experience for its users on social platforms. We can assist organisations in using social media as a means to make smarter business decisions.

Because of the immediate nature of the online space, it is crucial to maintain suitable management and monitoring of social media in order to optimise engagement and potential conversions whilst mitigating any possible negative effects.

Think relationship development and management. The more that the audience engages with your brand, the more awareness builds, the more likely you are to convert leads. It presents a very effective method of two-way communication.

There is a place for both nurturing and selling in the social media sphere, however, nurturing potential leads online does not always end in making a sale. We consider converting impressions into actions such as forms, downloads and attendance.