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Tips on PowerPoint Pitch Decks

Tips on PowerPoint Pitch Decks

virtual assistant - Tips on creating powerful PowerPoint Presentations

Today, I am working on a pitch deck for my software company so I thought I would add some tips on creating powerful PowerPoint presentations for business at the same time.

Microsoft PowerPoint is an undeniably useful tool for basic marketing and presentations. It requires a mixture of skills including:

  • slide design and layout
  • text and picture placement
  • animations and transitions
  • slide show settings and timings
  • technical and written literacy
  • eye for detail and style

No matter how well versed you are, bad visuals will detract from the overall message you are trying to project. The key is to keep it simple – don’t go overloading your slides with text and messy images. It should be there in support of what you are saying, not displaying the entire pitch – so make use of the notes section instead so you have that for reference if you need it.

Ultimately a simple but effective PowerPoint presentation is dependent upon 3 factors: 

  1. ability to use design tools
  2. adherence to a presentation process
  3. adopting a consistent style and tone

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